What is artificial intelligence?

Your brain contains about 100 bln neuron cells. What makes this huge aggregation of cells to think? Is this a qualitative or quantitative factor that plays the most important role in forming what we call consciousness? Or maybe something else. Maybe the sum of some quantum effects between atoms that form the molecules and the bigger cells is responsible for this. Is it possible to recreate somehow this behavior in the memory of computers? Definitely, I cannot call „intelligent” machines which work depends on algorithms, even most complex. It is not the way machines will acquire consciousness. But how? This are the things I want to know.


Why do we see at all the light from the super distant galaxies?

The scientists say that there is something rather than complete nothing in the interstellar vacuum. This „something” is called quantum foam. The virtual particles are constantly created and then disappear in quantum fluctuations. Sometimes these particles become real as it happens near the event horizon of black holes, thus diminishing the energy of these monsters and causing them to evaporate in the very long period of time (Steven Hawking theory).

So, these particles are real, in the sense that they influence real objects like black holes, and the swarm of these particles fills all the space.

Taking this into account, the question is why we see the light from the super distant galaxies at all? It seems, that during the billion years route to the earth, the photons must be colliding with numerous, countless numbers of these virtual particles. So the light should be hazed, dimmed, and we should see nothing but a faint glow. But instead in the large telescopes we see sharp light, even if the observed galaxy is really very distant.